the founders

MJ's Story

Hi there.  Did you wash today? 

This question would sound so obvious, cause we all wash with great ease.  With a bar of soap rubbed on our hands, lathered them up with creamy bubbles, and with clean water, we have them rinsed.  Fresh feeling of cleanliness comes instantly.

But that is not the case for everyone .  For the majority of people living in poverty, a bar of soap and clean water can be luxury items.

Washing is really important, especially for the kids.  Remember when we were young, our parents and teachers would teach us how to wash hands and brush teeth everyday?  Such training have made us who we are today.  We have learned to wash and stay clean everyday.

Why am I keep talking some obvious statement?  That is because so many children around the world DO NOT experience that matter of course.  Simply because their family cannot afford it.  The lack of clean water and a bar of soap will leave them vulnerable to diseases and virus infection.  In lot of cases, this would lead them to death.  That is wrong.

The joy of washing.  I wanted to share that joy with children.  So, I started a company, Soap Companion.  We work in a simple way.  First, we make soap, a quality soap which everyone can enjoy.  When you buy that soap, we will donate a bar of soap to a child in need.  Not only that, we work together with local NGOs, to give a proper education in personal hygiene.  So that kids would learn how to wash and stay clean.  Just like us, everyday.

It’s just a soap, a bar of soap.  But the simple thing may change the world.  That is what we want to see happen.

SOAP COMPANION, changing the world, one soap at a time.



SM's story 

The story of Sangmin’s career begin at a local bazaar in northern Virginia, where, at age 12, he sold two full coat racks of used women’s clothes in matter hours.  Thus began a lifelong pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur one day.   

In 2008, Sangmin enrolled at a local Seminary in Seoul, Korea simply to learn more about what He believed in (Faith).  Three years later, he was hired as a full time associate pastor of a church.  Although He loves what he does as a pastor and preaching is his greatest passion, he still wanted to utilize his gifting as a networker and an entrepreneur. 

From the support of his lovely wife Lois, family and friends, Sangmin decided to join MJ to launch Soap Companion. Sangmin’s main role at Soap Companion is to ensure that the company stays on course of its vision.  He is also passionate about creating new business opportunities in order to grow the company's giving capacity.    

Armed with a business management degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master’s in Divinity from Torch Trinity, Sangmin currently resides in Seoul, Korea.  Where he continues to serve as a pastor and an entrepreneur.