Soap Companion

Today, the lack of proper hygiene and clean water is the leading cause of the millions of death every year.  The victims of this tragic loss are mainly children.  Nearly half of this loss can be prevented with three simple things; water, soap and hygiene training.

Soap Companion was founded in 2013 to save lives of children by providing proper means of personal hygiene.  We work in a simple way.  First, we make a quality bar soap.  For every purchase, one bar of soap is donated to a child in need.  Along with the soap, we work directly with local NGOs to make sure that the child will receive a proper personal hygiene training.  Furthermore, we share our soap making techniques with local people to support them to start the soap business.  Our work has reached over 3,000 children in Haiti, Dominican Republic & Indonesia thus far and enabled their mothers to start soap making business.

It’s just a soap, a bar of soap.  But this simple thing may change the world.  That is what we want to see happen.

SOAP COMPANION, changing the world, one soap at a time.